Our cultural Heritage and Youth

Our Cultural Heritage and Youth

The aims of the project

With this project to be carried out as an international project, to raise awareness of each student and teacher to be responsible for their cultural heritage; To ensure that current and future generations can preserve their heritage.To realize these in an entertaining way by integrating our learners with their teaching subjects by using 21st century skills and digital skills.It will ensure that our students and teachers learn about their cultural heritage in relation to the relevant courses. In addition, they will be able to learn how to use various web 2.0 tools.  At the end of the project, they will be able to design a game with scratch.

Meeting of project coordinators
Kępno, Poland 10-14 October 2021

In the 2019/2020 school year, our school again obtained funding for the implementation of an EU project, which is again addressed to students of the classes of Secondary School No.2 in Kępno. Due to the current situation related to the Covid 19 pandemic, we are resuming our operations
after a one-year break. Let us hope that this time our taskswill be carried out according to the schedule.

The project coordinator is Ms Ewa Kowalczyk-Mikołowska.
The aim of the project is to improve language skills among young people, learn about new cultures, exchange experiences and meet new foreign friends. The project entitled "Our Cultural Heritage and Youth" will run for two years with partners from 5 countries - Borsa (Romania), Braga (Portugal), Rethymno (Greece), Donja Pusca (Croatia) and Eskisehir (Turkey).
20 students from each school will take part in the project. Six mobilities are planned for the duration of the project. In December 2021 our students and students from other countries will go to Croatia, in March 2022 we will go to Turkey, in June 2022 to Greece, in October 2022 our partners will visit Kępno, in March 2023. we will go to Romania and we will visit Portugal in June 2023.
As part of the project, the first coordinators' meeting was already held in Kępno on October 11-13, 2021. The meeting was an excellent opportunity for the participants of the project to directly exchange ideas and discuss the project implementation strategy. The result of the work during the meeting was also the agreement of a number of details related to project management, such as a detailed project implementation schedule and the rules for submitting periodic financial reports. The coordinators also had the opportunity to meet the project participants and the school management. As part of our free time, we showed our guests around Kępno and took them to Wrocław. Despite the rainy weather, the city made a positive impression on our new friends
We hope that the current situation will not thwart our plans again, and the implemented project will be an opportunity to test our language skills, get to know new cultures, make new friends and spend time in good company.